Finding Ecologies

The heat of the global climate emergency touches each of us,  and asks for a personal reckoning with new ecologies – environmental; technological; cultural and artistic; human and animal. 

Whilst Timothy Morton’s ‘interconnectedness’ may be a good starting point, the articulation of off-grid, unorthodox networks of sustenance might now be a necessary step towards maintaining an ecological sensibility by which we all might live and thrive, with or without anxiety. 

To this end, Finding Ecologies seeks to articulate and examine the great varieties of ecological operation at play. It seeks to find similarities and differences of expression and operation across disciplines, to promote academic and public discussion and understanding of the ecological. 

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Finding Ecologies is a Research Initiative of the London Metropolitan University.

Here you can follow the series of events in the programme.


Johanna Hällsten

Andrew Hewish (co-ordinator)

Rosemarie McGoldrick

Trevor Norris

Nicholas Temple


Tommaso Gorla

Danielle Hewitt

Jamie John James Jenkinson


Finding Ecologies presents a series of monthly public discussions in which we explore ecological frameworks across many different contexts: from mental and public health to the natural and built environment; from culture, aesthetics and the creative arts, to patterns of energy consumption, extraction and growth.

Ecology as Public and Mental Health

Monday 21 June 6-7pm

Prof Kevin Fenton and Andrea Wright in conversation

Chaired by Trevor Norris

Ecology Without Moralism

Friday 21 May 2021 10-11am 

Alice Shires and Andrew Patrizio in conversation

Chaired by Rosemarie McGoldrick and Trevor Norris